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Apply to dozens of available jobs in the most important cities around Europe. Work as a Host/Hostess, Promoter, Brand Ambassador, or Visual Merchandiser for the best international brands.

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Create Your Perfect Profile

Welcome to our staff profile creation guide! Your profile is your ticket to exciting opportunities, and it’s how we present you to our clients. Let’s make it shine!

Profile Information

To craft an impressive profile summary for our clients, we need the following details:

  • Event Job Experience: Share your past experiences in the event industry. The more specific, the better! Complement it with your CV.
  • Studies: Outline your educational background and expertise.
  • Languages: Languages are key for our agency! Mention the languages you speak, specifying whether you’re fluent or at an intermediate level.

Pictures: Capture Your Best Side

A picture speaks a thousand words. Here’s how to make yours count:

  • No Selfies: Get a friend to take a headshot picture of you.
  • Clear and Solo: Avoid crowded pictures. Make sure you’re the only one in the photo.
  • Dress Code: Fully dressed, in professional or smart casual attire.
  • No Sunglasses: Your eyes should be visible.
  • Quality: Photos should be in focus, not blurry, and well-lit.
  • Authenticity: No filters, photo retouching, or AI-generated images. Real, unaltered photos only.
  • Natural Look: Makeup is fine, but ensure you still look like yourself.
  • Personal Style: Feel free to style yourself nicely and show off your personal flair.

Video: Showcasing Your Personality to Clients

Your video presentation is a crucial tool for client selection. It’s your opportunity to showcase your personality and professionalism:

  • Duration: Keep it between 1-2 minutes.
  • Language: The video must be in English.
  • Format: Record in landscape mode, ensuring your face is well-lit (e.g., in front of a window).
  • Content Ideas:
    • Introduce yourself: Name, origin, current occupation.
    • Language proficiency.
    • Academic background.
    • Relevant event job experience.
    • Why you’re passionate about working in events.
    • Share your hobbies and interests.
    • Be Yourself: Let your personality shine through. Smile and be natural!
    • Client-Oriented: Remember, this video is for clients to get to know you. Make a great impression!
    • Inspiration: Here is a sample video if you need some inspiration:

  • Submission: Send your video to us through WhatsApp or email to:

Final Tips

  • Accuracy Matters: Double-check your information for correctness.
  • Update Regularly: Keep your profile fresh with the latest pictures, experiences, and skills.

Remember, your profile is your personal brand. It’s how clients will see and remember you. Let’s make it impactful!