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Easy Booking Process

We use a fast and hassle-free online booking process to save you time

Higher Pay Rates

Our staff is our main value and we want each job to be worth for you

Fast Payments

We pay you within 30 days of the event so you can have your money faster

A Trustworthy Company

Your Project Manager will be at your disposal for any questions or doubts

What Are We Looking For?

Our Staff Profile

We are a staffing agency based in Barcelona. We offer event and marketing jobs in Europe such as event hosts and hostesses, promoters, lead generators, brand ambassadors, visual merchandisers, and more. We are always looking for new profiles for different short and long-term campaigns. Want to join our team?

Fluent in English

Our clients need staff fluent in English and in the local language. Other languages are a plus!

Proactive and Commited

We only work with professional and proactive people that are 100% committed with their work

Good Social Skills

If you are a people person with good interpersonal skills, you're what we are looking for!

Events, Tradeshows, and Exhibitions

Sporadic Jobs in Events and Promotions

We offer short-term jobs in corporate events and promotions all over Europe. If you want to work as host or hostess, promoter, grid girl, brand ambassador, event manager, presenter, photographer, and many more roles, register on our website!

Field Marketing

Part-time Jobs in Long-Term Campaigns

If you are a student or a freelancer, part-time jobs in the retail marketing field are perfect for you! Work as a brand ambassador, visual merchandiser, or mystery shopper for some of the most important brands worldwide. Join our team!


It was a pleasure to work with you, you make things all so simple

Céline E.Google Visual Merchandiser Ambassador


I can’t believe I didn’t remember to put the travel expenses on my invoice, thanks for pointing it out! I’ll correct and send it over ASAP

Marta T.Brand Ambassador


I really appreciate you letting me know that I am still going to be paid half of the agreed wage for next week’s cancelled event

Rebecca J.Hostess


It’s hilarious that I’m speaking in Italian to someone working for a Spanish agency for a job in Germany! How many languages do you even speak?!

Eleonora S.Hostess


I would have had a breakdown if it wasn’t for your support in the last 3 days. Can’t thank you enough for your help and positive words

Sara P.Promoter


Thank you so much for the extensive briefing and training you gave us, it’s really helped me to prepare properly for the job

Dario M.Host


Can’t thank you guys enough for the fast payment, it’s great to work with an agency who actually pays me decent wages and on time

Virginie H.Grid girl
Staff Teams All Over Europe

Wherever You are Based in Europe, We Want You!

Find event and marketing jobs all over Europe. We work at the main tradeshows and exhibitions in Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. Wherever you are based, register on our database and our Project Managers will contact you as soon as we have a job offer in your area.

Join Our Team!

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